All About Video at Christ Sunrise Loop Trading

All About Video at Christ Sunrise Loop Trading

Video Strategy

Wherever video sits in your wider marketing strategy, it needs to be given special attention. A video strategy will require management buy-in, budget and significant marketing resources. But the investment should deliver returns – your videos should generate leads, elevate your brand, create social buzz, attract talent to your organisation and boost customer loyalty. And you should be able to objectively quantify most of the benefits that your corporate video strategy delivers.

  • Brand videos
  • Social videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Educational videos

Brand Video Production

A brand video is an opportunity to present your company at its very best – to tell your customers who you are, what you’re about, and why they should work with you. It should transform the way people view you as a business and build goodwill towards your brand. And with so many video formats available, it’s hard to know where to start. Will you take a risk and go for a crazy idea that will win awards? Or do you need something a little more muted, but effective? And how will you make sure the video communicates your values (and your value) to your target audience?

At TopLine, we’re experts in high-quality brand video production. We make branded videos that highlight what customers already love about your business – and show off sides of it that they’ve never seen before. And we make those videos work hard for you by ensuring that they are connected to the rest of your content marketing strategy, designed to achieve specific objectives and measured against clear KPIs.

Social Media Video Production

Social media offers a huge opportunity to reach existing and prospective customers. And video content is key to engaging with those audiences. As a social media video production company we can help you make video integral to your social media marketing strategy. Our social videos generate leads, create social trends, boost engagement and build communities.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn all report ongoing increases in video views and engagement. Then there’s YouTube – the second largest search engine and the second most visited site on the web. YouTube can help brands attract new audiences and boost their images – all with the power of video. View examples of our work below or keep reading for our social media video production tips.

Promotional Video Production

You are competing in a highly digitised world and promoting your business, products and services is becoming harder: there’s more competition and your target audience is overwhelmed by messages being fired at them from all directions. Statistics prove without doubt that videos are the first thing that people click onto when they reach a new webpage. Your promotional video should therefore work hard for you, not just to showcase your products and services but to raise your profile above your competitors, gain leads and convert them into sales, improve your SEO and encourage people to share your content. Almost 50% of businesses already have a promotional video on their website – so how do you make yours stand out?

You work with a promotional video production company that understands how video needs to fit into your wider marketing strategy.

Educational Video Production

As a medium, video offers an excellent way to educate. In fact, it is fast becoming the essential tool for helping educators get their message across, reach more students, save money and achieve their marketing and growth objectives. Complex concepts can be simplified with animation, demonstrations can be captured on film to be shared widely and replayed on demand, and common scenarios can be acted out or filmed live. Whatever the lesson plan or the educational institution’s requirements, video can help.

But when choosing an educational video production company to work with, you need to find one that is reliable, creative and professional, and holds a deep understanding of the complex education sector. Our specialist educational video production team consists of video, animation and messaging experts who will create an unforgettable, high-definition production that’s made to last.